Korduroy.TV BLOG has MOVED!!

We are no longer be blogging here. Our website has been updated and we have a killer new blog integrated into the site. Check out the new site at http://www.korduroy.tv and you can paddle on over to the blog at http://www.korduroy.tv/category/blog.

The KooK

An annual independent surfing newspaper
featuring a worldwide array of 

Dia De Los Muertos

Backyard Bounty...

Tom Wegener harvesting breakfast 
photo by C. Sutton

Seems like everyone's waking up to the joys of growing your own produce. In an age where our average salad travels thousands of miles to get to our plates, here's a couple clips showing this backyard revolution.


Here's an inspiring look at Anna Greenland's garden in England. Beautiful girl, beautiful veggies...

Here's a clip from UGrow Organics, a sustainable landscaping co. based in San Diego/ Orange County.

New All Yew with Cordell Miller

Over the last couple weeks we've been filming with standout Orange County surfer/shaper Cordell Miller. He's been designing and ripping on high performance surfboards since he was a grom and has made a living through these passions for the past 18 years. Check out his new episode on our All Yew series where he surfs Lowers on a 6'2", 18 3/4", 2 5/8" of his own design. 

Switch Foot II

Our friend Andrew Crockett is releasing his second book soon. Looks KILLER!

the shipment arrives November 10th.
368 pages
90 contributors
its BIG, it is Chunky and it definitely is not 'cool'
The book will be available at www.switch-foot.com .

Wax On, Wax Off

We've got two new shows at Korduroy. Wax On is a how-to on making your own organic surf wax from scratch. The formula we give in the video is for 66-72 degree water. You can experiment with the ratio of the ingredients for optimum consistency. The Wax Off, pantyhose wax remover will remove anything from oils, to not yet hardened glues. It was inspired by the Pickle Wax remover and works just as well if not better.

Dustin Miller

The two newest Sea Movies episodes (Evening Africa and Windy Harrison) on Korduroy.tv are from our friend Dustin Miller, a talented filmmaker who recently collaborated with talented surfer/artist Mikey DeTemple on Picaresque. Both clips are shot in super 16mm film. Evening Africa is a short Dustin shot while filming in Jefferies Bay a couple years back. Windy Harrison features The Present star Harrison Roach while filming for Picaresque in Costa Rica. 

Check out Dustin's website and Picaresque-